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Luxton Home is a luxury yet affordable home furnishing brand.

Our primary product is the streachable universal sofa covers often called as Sofa Slipcovers.

Our Slipcovers are made of Knitted Spandex Jaquard polyester fabric. They fit almost all sizes and shapes of upholstered sofas. They protect your sofa from water, dirt, pets, at the same time give a good look to your sofa. You may use slipcovers of various colors at different times. We sell slipcovers for three seater, two seater and single seater sofas. 

Slipcovers slip on and off, they come fresh, and may be removed for seasonal change, cleaning, moving, or storage. Slipcovers are sometimes defined as "clothing for furniture." Indeed, they are tailored just as clothing is, and are fitted loosely or snugly to the taste of the owner

From furniture to craftsmanship, we value the best. Our diverse team is made up of the industry's most experienced, passionate and discerning design experts who strive for the best.

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